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By the transposition of the Directive 2012/27 / EU for Energy Efficiency into the national law, a package of energy efficiency policies and measures has been set, covering the entire energy chain, including energy generation, transmission, distribution and the end-use of energy. Meanwhile, the leading role of the public sector in energy efficiency has been enhanced as well as the energy efficiency in buildings, products and industry. The empowerment of end users to manage their energy consumption is also promoted. For fulfilling the requirement of the Directive, MECIT prepared the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) and has set an indicative national energy efficiency target for 2020. Cyprus aims at achieving energy efficiency target by applying a set of measures which include legislative amendments, financial incentives and emphasis on horizontal issues, such as consumer information, enhancing the role of financial institutions and the private sector, and encouraging research and technological development. The progress towards achieving the national energy efficiency target is monitored annually by MECIT.

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- National Energy Efficiency Action Plan
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