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Energy efficiency in heating and cooling and combined heat and power generation

The heating and cooling demand in the residential, tertiary, industrial and agricultural sector in Cyprus, accounts up to 70% of their total final energy use. Furthermore, up to 80% of the energy used in those sectors is provided by fossil fuels. The decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector is of strategic and vital importance and therefore is high on the Energy Union priorities.

Law for the Promotion of the Energy Efficiency on Heating and Cooling and Cogeneration of Power and Heat, through which Article 14 of 2012/27/EU Directive was transposed into national law, extends the scope and replaces the substantive provisions of Directive 2004/8/EC on the promotion of cogeneration of Power and Heat. The latest amendments of the Law aimed at identifying and improving energy efficiency in the heating and cooling sector through prescriptive measures.

The overall objective of the Law is to encourage the identification of cost effective potential for delivering energy efficiency, principally through the use of cogeneration, efficient district heating and cooling and the recovery of industrial waste heat or, when these are not cost effective, through other efficient heating and cooling supply options, and the development of this potential by taking adequate measures.

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