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Digital Single Market

Since 08/06/2017, the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver takes part in the system of interconnection of business registers which was launched by the European Commission. There are 10 Member States connected to the system today; all EU Member States and EEA countries will gradually join.

From a single access point the public has access to company information at EU level through the European e-Justice Portal, operated by the Commission. It has search functionality in all EU languages allowing everyone (citizens, businesses and public authorities) to search for limited liability companies registered in any of the EU/EEA countries. Linking national business registers aims to stimulate cross-border trade and to increase the confidence and transparency in the Single Market.

Until today, information on companies had to be requested separately from the diverse national registers, which is often difficult and costly. Now, every interested user is able to access a basic set of data (name, legal form, registered office, Member State of registration, national registration number) free of charge. The user will also be able to request and receive electronic copies of documents available in the Business Registers across the EU (at first stage only those available free of charge). As most Member States charge fees for the above mentioned documents, in the future it will also be provided for the possibility for online payment for data and documents.

From 08/06/2017 there is an important step towards building a connected Digital Single Market in which it is ensure the transparency and the trustworthiness of company information. The interconnection will also facilitate exchange of company information between national business registers, meaning that such information is better updated in certain cross-border cases. The business register search is available to the following link:

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