Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver

Harmonization with the European Acquis


1.The Berne Convention for the International Protection of Literary and Artistic Works Ratifying Law 86/1979.

2.The Universal Copyright Convention Ratifying Law 51/1990.

3.European Convention relating to Questions on Copyright Law and Neighbouring Rights in the Framework of Transfrontier Broadcasting by Satellite Ratifying Law, 29(III)/1995.

4.The Rome Convention for the protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations Ratifying Law 14(III)/1999.

5.The Geneva Convention for the Protection of Producers of Phonograms Against Unauthorised Duplication of their Phonograms Ratifying Law 21(III)/1992.

6.Trade Mark Law Treaty Ratifying Law 12(III)/1996.

7.The Uruguay Round (TRIPS) Ratifying Law 16(III)/1995.

8.The International Convention of Paris for the Protection of Industrial Property Ratifying Laws, 63/1965, 66/1983.

9.The European Patent Convention Ratifying Law, 26(III)/1997.

10.The Patent Co-operation Treaty Ratifying Law, 27(III)/1997.

11.The Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks Ratifying Law, 3(III)/2003. The Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks Ratifying Law, 4(III)/2003.

12.The Treaty of the World Intellectual Property Organization on the Copyright and Agreed Statements Ratifying Law of 2002 (Law 23(III)/2002).

13.The Convention which establishes the World Intellectual Property Organization Ratifying Law, 36/1984.

14.European Agreement concerning Programme Exchanges by Means of Television films Ratifying Law 83/1969.

15.European Agreement for the Prevention of Broadcasts Transmitted from Stations Outside National Territories Ratifying Law, 36/1971.

16.The WIPO Copyright Treaty Ratifying Law 23(III)/2002.

17.The WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty Ratifying Law 37(III)/2004.

18.The Nairobi Treaty for the Protection of the Olympic Symbol Ratifying Law 9/1985.


1. The following laws were voted by the House of Representatives in harmonization with corresponding Community Directives in the field of Company Law:

(a)The Companies (Amendment) Law of 2000 (Law 2(I)/2000) which entered into force on 21.1.2000 introducing the single-member companies.

(b)The Companies (Amendment) (No. 3) Law of 2000 (151(I)/2000) which entered into force as from 17.11.2000 introduced new provisions as to the validity of transactions of companies and as to the information which must be included in the official documents of the companies.

(c)The Companies (Amendment) Law of 2001, Law 76(I) of 2001 which entered into force since 4.5.2001. This Law provides for a new system for the certification of companies’ auditors and in parallel it provides for the procedure for the recognition of Bodies of Auditors and the grant of approval to auditors with foreign qualifications and also the recognition of accountants companies by the Council of Ministers.

(d)The Companies (Amendment) Law of 2003, Law 70(I)/2003 which entered into force since 11/7/2003. This Law refers to public companies, the mergers and divisions of companies and oversea companies.

(e)The Companies (Amendment) (No. 2) Law of 2003, Law 167(I)/2003 which entered into force since 31/10/2003. This Law provides for a system of companies΄ accounts in cases of group of companies, the keeping of accounts and the uniform keeping of accounts in cases of group of companies.

(f)The Companies (Amendment) Law of 2006, Law 98(I)/2006 which introduces the concept of the European Company.

(g)The Companies (Amendment) (No. 2) Law of 2006, Law 124(I)/2006 which refers to the transfer of the company seat from and to Cyprus.

2. The European Convention for the Misuse of Confidential Information in shares transactions was ratified by the Republic on 18/6/1993, Ratifying Law 16(III)/1993.


1. The European Convention on certain International Aspects of Bankruptcy was ratified on 10/12/1993, Law 36(III)/1993.


1.The Trade Marks (Amendment) Law of 2000 176(I)/2000.

2.The Patents (Amendment) Law of 2000, 153(I)/2000.

3.The Patents (Amendment) Law of 2002, 163(I)/2002.

4.The Copyright and Related Rights (Amendment) Law of 2002, 128(I)/2002.

5.The Industrial Designs and Models Law of 2002, 4(I)/2002.

6.The Legal Protection of Semiconductor of topographies Law 2002, 5(I)/2002.

7.The Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications of Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs Law of 2006, 139(I)/2006.

8.The Copyright and Related Rights (Amendment) Law of 2004, 128(I)/2004.

9.The Legal Protection of New Varieties of Plants Law of 2004, 21(I)/2004.

10.The Copyright and Related Rights (Amendment) Law of 2006, 123(I)/2006.

11.The Legal Protection of Industrial designs and Models (Amendment) Law of 2006, 119(I)/2006.

12.The Legal Protection of Semiconductor of Topographies (Amendment) Law of 2006, 120(I)/2006.

13.The Trade Marks (Amendment) Law of 2006, 121(I)/2006.

14.The Patents (Amendment) Law of 2006, 122(I)/2006.


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