Republic of Cyprus
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The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism is the Ministry responsible for drafting and deploying the governmental policy with regard the electricity market in Cyprus.

In particular, the Ministry, within the framework of the national legislation, monitors the organization of the electricity market and in coordination with other responsible authorities (e.g. CERA) promotes policies which, inter alia, concern:

    1. The reduction of the cost of electricity,
    2. The transformation of our energy mix in order to correspond to our climatic and environmental obligations,
    3. The protection of vulnerable consumers,
    4. Increasing the competitiveness of Cyprus businesses participating in the electricity market.

The national legislation for regulating the electricity market in Cyprus, i.e. The Laws for the Regulation of the Electricity Market of 2003 to 2015, is fully harmonized with the Directive 2009/72/EC concerning the common rules of the internal electricity market, as well as with specific articles of the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EC.

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