Call for nominations: IRENA/ADFD Project Facility - Advisory Committee and Panel of Experts - 03/11/2015

Call for nominations: IRENA/ADFD Project Facility - Advisory Committee and Panel of Experts
IRENA is inviting to nominate members for the Advisory Committee and Panel of Experts that will be established to facilitate the fourth cycle of the IRENA/Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) Project Facility. The IRENA/ADFD Project Facility was formed based on the commitment by the UAE to provide USD 350 million through ADFD to renewable energy projects in developing countries. Two of a total of seven project cycles has been already successfully implemented. Projects selected in the third cycle will be announced in January 2016, while the fourth cycle will open to receive applications from 11 November 2015 to 15 February 2016.
Nominations are sought for the two bodies a) Advisory committee and b) the Panel of Experts .
The function of the Advisory committee and the panel of Experts will be evolved in details .
a)The Advisory Committee comprised of up to seven members and seven alternates reflecting equitable geographic distribution, has two main roles. One is to carry out overall project review and recommend projects to the ADFD and the other is to make suggestions to improve the Project Facility.
b) the Panel of Experts is providing technical advice to the advisory Committee, the panel will have as many experts as are appropriate for the number of projects submitted.

Therefore ,members are invited to express their interest in becoming members /alternates of the Advisory Committee or Panel of Experts by sending the nomination forms by no later than 11 November 2015.

The role of the Advisory Committee is to review projects , supported by a Panel of technical experts and recommend projects to ADFD for its final selection. Each Committee member will review the executive project summaries of around 30 shortlisted projects in a 30-day period (from the end of March to the end of April 2016). Also they will take a 30-day period from the end of August to the end of September to review around 20 full project proposals.

While the role of Panel of Experts is to score, comment and shortlist projects based on their technical ,commercial and socio-economic merit, their replicability, their innovativeness and their consideration of addressing energy access issues at both the executive project summary and full project proposal stage of each project cycle. Each member of the Panel of Experts will review around 20 projects each at the executive project summary stage for 30 days from February to March 2016, also for 60 days in July and August 2016 to review around 20 full project proposals.

For more information click At this link which is accompanied by three annexes detailing the functions of both the Advisory Committee and Panel of Experts, along with a nomination form.

Nomination forms should be submitted to the contact person , Mrs. Georgina Lahdo (gla.cie@cytanet.com.cy) no later than 11 November 2015

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