Industry and Technology Service

The Industry and Technology Service aims to improve the competitiveness of the different economic sectors with a view to strengthening their contribution to the country’s overall economic growth.

    The Industry and Technology Service main targets are the development and promotion of:
      - Industry,
      - Technology,
      - Innovation,
      - Finance for business,
      - Entrepreneurship.

      In this context, the main activities of the Service are the following:
      • Development, coordination and implementation of appropriate policies for industry and businesses,
      • Preparation and implementation of targeted financial schemes for Small Medium Enterprises, development of Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
      • Improvement of business environment,
      • Creation and management of industrial areas,
      • Provision of information to potential investors and to businesses through the services of One Stop Shop and the Point of Single Contact,
      • Monitoring and coordinating the EU Internal Market and promoting opportunities for the business community,
      • Provision of information to citizens / businesses through the European networks Your Europe and IMI,
      • Operate the European SOLVIT Center,
      • Promotion of Electronic Commerce.

      For more information, please visit the Industry and Technology Service website at www.mcit.gov.cy/sit.