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The Digital Economy and Society Index

The European Commission published the annual Europe's Digital Progress Report (EDPR), which combining quantitative evidence from the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) with qualitative information on country specific policies. it is focused and analysed the five basic digital categories:

- Connectivity,
- Human Capital,
- Use of Internet,
- Integration of Digital Technology,
- Digital Public Services.

According to the report, Europe has steady progressed and improved its digital performance over the last three years. Denmark, Finland Sweden and Netherlands have the most advanced digital economies in the EU. Slovakia and Slovenia have progressed the most since last year. More and more people and businesses are going digital in shopping, banking and public services.

Cyprus ranks 22nd out of the 28 EU Member States. Overall, Cyprus progresses slowly. But it showed significant progress in connectivity compared to last year. In the delivery of online public services, Cyprus is close to EU average. And despite the fact that internet users engage in a wide variety of online activities, low level of digital skills risk acting as a brake to the further development of its digital economy and society. The eGovernment Strategy of Cyprus could benefit from being further aligned to the underlying principles and policy priorities of the EU eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020.

For further information and statistics, please view the attached files and also visit the European Commission website.

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