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The ‘One-Stop Shop for Setting-up a Business’ is an important institution aiming at better and faster service of the business world and the further promotion of entrepreneurship in the island. The services offered relate mainly to the initial basic registrations when commencing business activity in Cyprus such as the registration of a new business entity at the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver. the Among the main services on offer is the provision of Information to interested entrepreneurs on the procedures and formalities relating to business establishment in the Republic, a large number of services of the Companies Section of the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver and the Registration of New Taxpayers (Natural person, Legal person, Partnership) of the Tax Department (Direct and Indirect taxation), which is performed in-house.

The following essential services are amongst the most common that are provided:

a) registration of a new Company, Partnership, Business name (and many other forms of legal entities),
b) provision of information for registration with the Social Insurance Services (employee, self-employed and employer),
c) registration with the Tax Department (direct and indirect taxation),
d) provision of information regarding the Cyprus tax regime,
e) information on the licensing of professional premises,
f) provision of information on the Ministry’s available funding schemes.


Within the scope of harmonization with the Services Directive, 2006/123/EC, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism has established the Point of Single Contact (PSC Cyprus) in order to facilitate the establishment of businesses in the services sector and the cross border provision of services within the internal market.

The PSC Cyprus Portal (www.businessincyprus.gov.cy) serves businesses and entrepreneurs, either established in the Republic of Cyprus or in other EU Member States, interested in pursuing their business aspirations in Cyprus. The Portal provides comprehensive information regarding the administrative procedures and formalities for access to the various services and professions falling within the scope of the Services Directive, including all horizontal procedures and formalities required for setting up a business in the Republic of Cyprus.

In parallel, through the PSC Cyprus Portal, the online submission of application forms as well as the tracking of the on-going administrative procedures is readily available, for a number of registrations/authorizations under the scope of the Services Directive with regards to: (a) the access to and exercise of service activities (e.g. such as licensing for ‘Practising Certificate for an Accountant/Auditor’ or “Operating a Pharmacy’) and (b) the temporary provision of cross-border services (e.g. such as the ‘Temporary Provision of Engineering Science Services’ (for example Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc. ).

The PSC Cyprus Portal is interconnected with the Government Gateway Portal (Ariadni) and, therefore, benefits from the electronic submission facilities of Ariadni (e.g. on-line payment, single sign-on etc.).

For more information, please visit the Point of Single Contact (PSC Cyprus) website.

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