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The use of trade defence instruments is in accordance with the rules set out by the EU and World Trade Organisation. Trade defence instruments, such as anti-dumping or anti-subsidy duties, are ways of protecting European production against international trade distortions in order to create an open and fair trade on a level playing field between domestic and foreign producers.

  • Dumping occurs when manufacturers from a non-EU country sell goods in the EU below the sales prices in their domestic market or below the cost of production. Anti-dumping measures are imposed to correct any damage to EU companies.
  • Subsidisation is when a non-EU government provides financial assistance to companies to produce or export goods. The Anti-subsidy measures are duties on imports of the subsidised products.

For more information, you may also view the following clip of the European Commission:
Βίντεο - Μέτρα Εμπορικής Άμυνας

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