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Meat productsMost farmers in Cyprus deal with the raising of sheep and goats, cows, pork and chicken, especially in the countryside. They raise them in good condition environments, in places where the latest technology equipment exists, in order to provide healthy meat to the consumers. Lately, there are also ostrich as well as quails farmers.

It is important to mention that after its accession to the European Union in May 2004, Cyprus is compatible with the European Law and Regulations, in order to produce and provide quality products, based on the european standards.

Cyprus is also known for the traditional meat products – known as delicatessen – which are mainly produced out of pork meat and, in less quantity, by the other kind of meat mentioned above. The most well-known traditional kind of delicatessen is the «smoked» products and includes hiromeri, lountza, bacon and sausages which are made from pork meat. Other traditional meat products are tsamarella and pastourmas.

Various types of salami and ham, mpiftekia and greek sieftalia, are the products which are most widely known and all these, as well as the ones mentioned above, are included in our daily diet consumption.
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