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The Section for Promotion of Trade in Goods implements a series of measures aiming at increasing information provision and promotion of agricultural products, which account for about 35% of total domestic exports. These measures include, among other things, market research, participation in exhibitions, organisation of tastings in important markets, production and distribution of information material and the invitation of foreign buyers and journalists to Cyprus.

Furthermore, the Ministry implements four Schemes for the promotion of agricultural products in the internal market and the third countries, two of which are co-financed by the European Union.

The aim of the Section for Promotion of Trade in Goods is to provide information concerning Cyprus agricultural products, as well as to promote/advertise agricultural products abroad by applying incentive schemes. To accomplish this objective the Section cooperates closely with the Trade Centers, the Cyprus Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the European Commission - Unit for the Promotion Agricultural Products and other Associations and Organizations.

The Section deals with issues concerning agricultural products in the following categories:

A strategic plan has been implemented by the Agricultural Section in order to respond to global challenges. The plan includes the following actions:
  • Implementation of the following Schemes:
  • Problem solving procedures.
  • Participation of the Section in European seminars and programs.


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