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The continuous promotion of the export performance of Cyprus and thus the enhancement of the extroversion of the Cypriot enterprises is an established and timeless pursuit of the Ministry. It achieves, inter alia, the improvement of the trade balance of the country, creates new jobs and corporate profitability growth with all positive implications.

Within this context, the operation of the Export Helpdesk service aims to offer and to add yet another tool at the disposal of the Cypriot exporter in the effort to diversify further the exports of Cypriot products and services abroad.

In this direction the optimal use of the services offered to enterprises by the Government both home and abroad (eg through the Ministry’s Trade Centres operating abroad) is being sought by adopting a simple procedure as far as the evaluation of applications is concerned. The implementation of this procedure aims to increase the chances of Cypriot businesses to come into contact with potential foreign buyers and thus be given a realistic possibility for further penetration in international markets.

The reported process creates a communication platform on which the three parties i.e. the Ministry, the Trade Centre abroad and the applicant, participate. Through communication the applicant's profile is created and at the same time exchange of opinions takes place in relation to the product(s) to be exported, the marketing aspects of the targeted foreign market and the type / category of buyers that should be approached by the Trade Centre. With this background a final list of selected potential buyers is prepared with whom the Cypriot exporter is asked to communicate directly with reference to the relevant contact made previously by the Trade Centre. If there is fertile ground for collaboration that requires the physical presence of the applicant in a particular country then the respective Trade Center proceeds to the arrangement of meetings with a view to achieving an agreement between the two sides.

For more information and applications, the applicants may contact the Section of Trade Centres, Strategic Planning and Public Relations, in the following numbers:

Head of the Sector

Mr. Sotiris Soteriou - Senior Commerce and Indusrty Officer
Tel.: +357 22 867155
Fax: +357 22 304924

Sector's Personnel

Mr. Andreas Christou - Commerce and Industry Officer A'
Tel.: +357 22 867106

Fax: +357 22 304924

Ms. Lenia Karkoti - Inspector of Commerce and Industry 1st Grade
Tel.: +357 22 867118
Fax: +357 22 304924

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