Republic of Cyprus
Trade Service


    The Trade Service is responsible for the enforcement of a number of Laws, related to:
    • the ratification/implementation of international trade agreements, such as GATT, GATS, as well as bilateral trade agreements concluded by the European Union

    • the control of exports, transfer, brokering and transit of dual-use items

    • the control of exports of military technology and equipment

    • the terms and conditions of transfers of defence-related products within the European Community

    • the establishment of export authorisation, and import and transit measures for firearms, their parts and components and ammunition

    • the implementation of the Kimberley Process certification scheme for the international trade in rough diamonds

    • trade in certain goods which could be used for capital punishment, torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

    • the legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce

    • the mutual recognition principle in the single market

    • the regulation of relations between Commercial Agents

    • the proportion of the different types of milks used for Halloumi cheese making

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