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Republic of Cyprus
Removal of trade barriers

    Among the problems encountered by Cyprus exporters of goods and services, is the restriction of access to exporting markets. The EU and Cyprus are committed to working towards the removal of trade barriers, so as to open up markets and create export opportunities. The lifting of trade barriers fosters economic growth and creates new jobs.

    ‘Trade Barriers’ concern any trade practice adopted or maintained by a third country in respect of which international trade rules establish a right of action. Such a right of action exists when international trade rules either prohibit a practice outright, or give another party affected by the practice a right to seek elimination of the effect of the practice in question. Trade barriers often concern subsidies, tax discrimination, technical regulations, intellectual property rights and customs formalities.

    If your company has encountered barriers in the process of exporting or in attempting to export (goods or services), you may report the problem by submitting the form provided below.

    The Trade Service will assess the situation, examining whether there has been violation of international trade rules resulting in either adverse trade effects or injury and a member of our staff will contact you about the next steps.

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