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Management of the State Fairs Authority

The Council of Ministers under the decision dated 28.03.2014 (ΚΔΠ176/2014) proclaimed the Cyprus State Fairs Authority (CSFA) subjected to privatization. Under the Council of Ministers decision dated 5.12.2013 regarding privatizations in the Cyprus Republic (decision No.76.153) the privatization of the CSFA refers to the selling of the land asset.

Until the implementation of the above and for as long as it takes, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism is responsible for the management of the CSFA premises to facilitate the commercial activities in Cyprus.
The Ministry is accepting requests from organizers, event holders and individuals for renting out space for specialized exhibitions and events at the CSFA.

For more information please contact:

Mrs Stella Tofaridou Bekiari – Fairs Officer A’ (CSFA)

Office:202, Floor:2nd
Tel. +357 22 867289

Mr. Stefanos Christodoulou - Fairs Officer (CSFA)

Office:205, Floor:2nd
Tel. +357 22 867232

Mr Markellos Markides - Trade Sector ()

Office:207, Floor:2nd
Tel. +357 22 867245

Mr Ioannis Antoniou - Trade Sector (CSFA)

Tel. +357 22 351543

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