Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Organization for the Promotion of Quality



Legislative and Administrative Structure

The Cyprus Organization for the Promotion of Quality, known as CYS-CYSAB, was established in 2002 by the Standardization, Accreditation and Technical Notification Law (N156(I)/2002) and comes under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry. This law together with the revised Law 10(I)/2010 consist the basic laws, which in relation to the recent revised Law 57(I)/2011 is the framework of the Accredidation, Standardization and Technical Notification Laws of 2011. (Consolidated version 2002-2011)

CYS-CYSAB is governed by a 13member Board of Governors which is appointed by the Council of Ministers. The basic law provides that six members represent the government sector while the other seven come from the private sector of the economy.


The basic aims of the Organization are:
        • the introduction and management of the national system for accreditation
        • the introduction and operation of the system implementing the principles of good laboratory practice
        • the management of the national system for technical notification
        • the promotion of quality infrastructures

Impartiality Policy Statement

Impartiality Policy Statement

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